The Land of Good Taste

The best way to get to know this land is to taste it! The gastronomic tradition of the area combines the best Parmesan culinary art with the genuine dishes of the Parma mountains.

The air coming from the sea of Versilia, is purified from the brackish, thanks ‘’to the aroma of the Apennine pine forests’’ , to reach Langhirano, located in the valley of the Parma river, perfect for “making” Prosciutto.

The characteristic buildings with large terraces and high narrow windows are not inventions of a local architect, but elements that allow this air to “dry up” the precious pork thighs.

A balanced salting, still done manually with a gesture reminiscent of sowing, and a slow maturing, complete the work!

Sea wind, excellent Italian meats, salt and loving care are therefore the exclusive ingredients of this ancient passion, which ensures inimitable sweetness and authenticity  to a unique product.

The King of Cured Meats can only be born here, and here it is worthily celebrated every year in September with the traditional Parma Ham Festival, an international event that offers the extraordinary opportunity to enter into  ham factories to discover the secrets of production of the most famous “ham” in the world.

The Foro Boario, a splendid rural architecture dating back to 1928, historically used for cattle trading, now houses the Ham Museum: a fascinating itinerary to discover the historical product famous all over the world. 

Langhirano offers to the  visitor  a wide choice of typical quality products: next to the Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P and the rich offer of Parmesan cured meats, we find excellent productions of Parmigiano Reggiano and the fragrant Wines of the Colli di Parma D.O.C.

In the numerous ‘’trattorias’’, typical restaurants and tasting points the guest can enjoy the generous welcome of this extraordinary territory.