The door between Parma and Langhirano

Torrechiara is “the door” which introduce, in a charming and amazing way, to the Langhirano’s territory and the west Appennine beauties.

The dried and temperate gentle breeze, which is perfect for the success of the Prosciutto, is perfect if you would like to hike  trail in the hills or on mountain. A natural environment perfectly preserved and full of interesting natural attractions. 

The hills rich of vineyards, offer you amazing landscapes among the plain and the incredible Castle of Torrechiara. 

The valley is tracked by the bed of Parma torrent, which signs the west limit of communal territory for about 20 chilomtres; the floodplain forest is a suitable place for hiking, natural excursion and the horse riding. 

The mountain area is characterized by copses, scots pines typical in the Monte Bosso and hardwood in the Sporno Mountain.

The beautiful pine forest in Cozzano, 150 hectars of Austrian pines mainly,  is set between 600 and 1090 meters high in Corno Mountain. Among the forest you can find some fields ideal for relaxing. 

A territory to discover and enjoy, with different outdoor activities for satisfying every demand: sports facilities, swimming pools, horse ridings, different long trails for horse riding, hiking, mountain bike with different difficult levels. 

After the visit at the Torrechiara Castle, the Ham Museum and to the others cultural attractions and after the amazing eno-gastronomic experiences, the territory offers you also a easy and regenerating walking on the antique trails among the nature with little local surprises: the majesties, the old fountains, parish churches and ruins of old castles.