Itinerary along the Art Trailfrom Langhirano to Torrechiara.

Starting from Langhirano, the main village where the Prosciutto di Parma has been made for over than one hundred years, visit at the Prosciutto di Parma Museum and tasting of different aging of Prosciutto. 

After a short hiking trough Langhirano can be reached the Art’s Trail which develops along the Saint Michael Canal between fields, vineyards and contemporary art pieces. In the middle of the trail you can glimpsed the Castle among the trees,  the last kilometre will leave you breatheless for the fantastic view.

Guided visit inside the Castle. 

Tasting with local products in winery. 

Return in Langhirano walking along the trail or with public bus, on request is available a private bus.

Phone: +39 0521.355009